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La Vegas sport betting legend Bill Walters has never had a losing year - a winning a streak that's made odds makers call him the most dangerous sports abettor in Nevada. Lara Logan reports.

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Sports betting became legal one year ago, and some experts think New Jersey could someday overtake Las Vegas These people don’t bet teams, they bet lines and they bet for profit more than others on this list. And, statistically, they’re more successful than the general public. High rollers: Another group that makes bookies nervous. They might not put in the work sharps do, but they hit them hard, such as when a guy turned $85,000 into $1.1.9 million when Tiger Woods won the Masters last month. แทงบอล online Sometimes high rollers make bets for sharps, which also doesn’t sit well with the bookies. But good luck proving it. Would-be pros: Aspire to be sharps, often attracted to the autonomous lifestyle of professional gamblers. Grove said this group is high-maintenance and can be “keyboard warriors” on social media. Spot on. Action chasers: People who bet for the thrill of gambling. The Eilers research suggests that this is the class that has the highest tendency toward problem gambling.

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Sports Betting Illustration “It can’t always be office pools.” Gambling has rarely been something given full consideration on national TV. Sure, some fans will remember Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder predicting football scores on CBS Sports pregame shows in the 1970s and ’80s. But the subject remained taboo. These days, national sentiment is changing — just as it is about marijuana use. Many TV networks were happy to run dozens of ads for fantasy-sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel in the 2015-16 football season until legal concerns drove those two entities from the airwaves. Now, sports leagues themselves are setting up agreements with companies that consider the odds. Last year, for example, Major League Baseball struck a deal with MGM Resorts that lets the two parties share statistics and promote gaming. Yet the big bet here isn’t just about making money from people who want to put $15 on their favorite football team on Sunday. The companies are also laying down stakes on the future of the TV business. What better way to get people to watch live TV than to give them the chance to figure out how to make money off it?

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